Wilmette Real Estate Information

Wilmette village is located in New Trier Township, Illinois, United States. Wilmette is located 23 km north of Chicago's downtown district and has a population of 27,651. In 2007, it was ranked by the Business Week as the 7th best place to raise children in the America. Village of Wilmette is governed by a village board consist of six trustees and a president. In 2004, Wilmette was one of the first places in Illinois to put a ban on smoking in public spaces, like bars, parks, railway stations and restaurants. For the primary and secondary education a good public schooling systems has developed to server the residents.

Wilmette village’s hotspots are Centennial Park with beach access, marina, and special area for dogs, and Gillson Park, with a public swimming pool, tennis and ice-skating facilities. Wilmette village is lucky to have outstanding public transportation provided by Metra Railroad service, CTA rapid transit service, and Pace bus service. Wilmette village’s public library has a huge sum of informative and interesting books of almost all topics that providing knowledge to the residents. Wilmette is also a great tourists place with its lots of attractions and natural beauty.