Palatine Real Estate Information

The Palatine village is located in the Illinois in the northwest suburb of Chicago. Palatine, with the population of 65,479 (census 2000) is the 16th largest village in the state of the Illinois. Palatine is in a wooded marsh where many watercourses rise around it. A small area of the east and southeast sides lies in the McDonald Creek watershed which causes frequent floods in Palatine. The two high schools and the public library of Palatine have received the high national honor. However, there are several junior high schools serving the residents.

The Palatine Park District is providing services to 85,000 people living in the Palatine, Rolling Meadows, Arlington Heights, Inverness, Hoffman Estates and Barrington communities. The Director of Parks and Recreation appoints expert executive staff to manage the operation of parks, leisure amenities and recreation programs. Palatine Park District operates four swimming pools as well as two recreational centers. So, you will have fun during your visit to the Palatine. There is also a good transportation system and public library developed to serve the residents of the village. Palatine village is home to a Sikh Gurdwara in the northwest side that is often visited by Sikhs from across the Unites States.