Northbrook Real Estate Information

Northbrook is a beautiful old village located at the northern edge of the Illinois state of America. When established, this village was known as Shermerville in honor of Frederick Schermer, who donated his land for the first train station in the village. Northbrook village locations has used in several films directed by the John Hughes, as Northbrook is his hometown. Northbrook did not grow with a good pace until after World War II when parts of homes were first urbanized and according to the 2000 census its population is 33,435.

Northbrook Court is one of the biggest shopping mall that is very popular and the Northbrook Park is a beautiful and attractive place for the tourists and visitors as well as for the residents. The Milwaukee District North Line provides travel services to the Northbrook residents, to and from Chicago. There are over 25 daily tours from Northbrook to Chicago and the average travel time is around 45 minutes. There is also a good public school system and public library to serve the village residents. The Engineering Department has made arrangements for the residents of Northbrook to tell them if their home is located within a designated special flood risk area.