Des Plaines Real Estate Information

Des Plaines is named for the Des Plaines River, which flows through it and it is located in Cook County, Illinois, United States of America. Des Plaines has got its official nickname, City of Destiny. Des Plaines is located in the suburbs of Chicago city so, we can judge the soundness of its geography and local culture. There are several laces to visit in the Des Plains such as McDonald’s Museum, beautiful Lake Opeka, Methodist Campground, included in the National Register of Historic Places, Des Plaines Public Library and Theater.

Besides from the above mentioned fabulous places of Des Plaines, the Deval Crossing interlocking tower is also a great spot for people who love to travel by train, as one Canadian National and two Union Pacific railways all meet in a triangular pattern and make a beautiful junction. The Choo-Choo restaurant is also one of the great places and restaurants of the Des Plaines village.

You can find the pictures of all beautiful and historical places like McDonald’s over the internet. Traveling through Des Plaines village will add much to your experience of small villages and will sooth your mind. Des Plaines is very calm and refreshing place to visit.