Chicago Real Estate Information

Chicago was founded in 1833, near a port between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River watershed and it is the largest city of Illinois in the U.S. with around 3 million people. The city's beautiful locations, business, and industries attract 44.2 million visitors annually. On June 4, 2008, Chicago, the only American city was selected as one of the final four shortlist cities in the world, to host the 2016 Summer Olympics. The brief introduction of this world class city is enough to make you pay a visit to this glorious place.

If you have already planned to visit the Chicago then just get ready for the fun and amusement of the city’s nights and holidays. There are several hotels and restaurants so you don’t need to worry about your accommodation and food. You can get any kind of food and room on rent within your budget. Several parks, destinations, tourist spots, night clubs, culture, beach and many other places will really entertain you and make your visit memorable and full of fun. I bet you won’t get bored in Chicago!

Several buildings began with the start of the Chicago River. The overall grade of the city's central, built-up areas is comparatively consistent with the natural flatness of its overall natural geography. Lake Shore Drive runs nearby to a large part of Chicago's lakefront. 29 public beaches are originated all along the shore. The city lies within the wet continental climate zone, and have four distinct seasons. Summers are warm & humid with average high temperatures of 80-85°F (26-29°C) and lows of 60-65 °F (15-19°C). Winters are too much cold, snowy and windy with temperatures below freezing. Spring and fall are very pleased with low humidity. Parks beside the lakeshore include Burnham Park, Lincoln Park, Jackson Park and Grant Park.